Welcome to the Applied Ballistics Blog!

For those that don’t know Applied Ballistics, we are an indoor shooting range in Lafayette Indiana.  We are also a gun store, gunsmith, certified Cerakote applicator, a firearms training facility, and a USPSA affiliated range.

This blog was created for a place to share information about the things we learn from putting lots of rounds down range, working on guns, teaching a broad variety of students, and spending an inordinate amount of time around firearms and shooters.  You will see things here related to guns, equipment, training, competition, and just about anything involving firearms or shooting.  I will be writing most of our posts but we may have guest posts from time to time as well.

For a little information about me, I began my professional career as a police officer.  I specialized in firearms, becoming a handgun instructor first and later receiving certifications for rifle and shotgun as well.  I was also certified as an armorer for Sig Sauer, Remington, and Rock River Arms while working as an officer.  I was used as an expert firearms witness in court and developed the recruit firearms training program for my department.  I am also a competitive shooter in the United States Practical Shooters Association, Indiana Multi-Gun, the International Defensive Pistol Association, and the Steel Challenge Shooting Association.  Outside of the police department I also received an NRA Basic Pistol instructor certification as well as a Smith & Wesson armorer certification.

I purchased Applied Ballistics in late 2014 while still working as an officer.  After about 18 months of working what amounted to two full time jobs it became clear that I needed to make a decision between my two career paths.  I’m a gun lover at heart and was getting burnt out with police work so I made my decision, and here I am.

I hope you find these posts interesting and informative.  Feel free to leave comments or to share them on social media.

– Aaron