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Gunsmithing Services

It’s important to keep your firearm checked up and safe, even when it is only used casually. Applied Ballistics offers a full line of Gunsmithing services from our top notch, experienced and friendly personnel. Whether you use your firearm for defense, competition, leisure, or hunting, we offer an extensive selection of competitively priced services for maintenance, repair and custom modifications.

Our services include:

  • Firearm Repair and Maintenance
  • Sight/Scope Installation
  • Safety Inspections
  • Action Tuning
  • Barrel Work
  • Custom Rifle Build

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Service Price General Minimum Charge per Repair Ticket25
Hourly Rate per Man Hour – Calculated in 1/4 hour increments50
Hourly Rate per Man & Machine Hour – Calculated in 1/4 hour increments75
Written Estimate with No Work Completed10
Maintenance Basic Cleaning – Field Stripping, cleaning major parts, basic function25
Detailed Cleaning – Detail stripping, cleaning all parts, checking for wear, lubrication, recommend parts or repair40
Disassembly and/or Reassembly Assistance Hourly Rate Malfunction Analysis- Does not include parts or repair Hourly Rate Sight Work Sight Change/Installation25
Sight in Firearm – Live Fire – Does not include cost of ammo, targets, etc25
Bore Sighting Firearm25
General Barrel, Action & Rifle Work Remove Stuck Fired Case from ChamberHourly Rate
Remove Live Round from ChamberHourly Rate
Remove Obstruction from BoreHourly Rate
Remove Fouling from Barrel (plus materials) Hourly Rate Parts Kit InstallationHourly Rate
Handgun Work Revolver Action Job – Clean, smooth action (no replacement of parts)75
Semi-Auto Pistol Action Job – Clean, smooth action, (no parts)75
Scope Mounting (Must be pre-drilled and tapped)35